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Thread: Ratting Oxford/Abingdon

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    Ratting Oxford/Abingdon

    Hi Guys,
    I got my lad a pcp air rifle for his birthday (16yrs) and hes keen to get out and about. I have access to rabbits, squirrels and pigeons for him. But he loves shooting rats, is there anyone on here that knows of where I might obtain permission any where near Oxford/Abingdon.
    He would be accompanied by myself and I have all the usual insurance and stuff.

    Rem 700

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    See Graham at Otmoors in Deddington, there's a guy there in the air rifle club based there that shoots a lot of rat's I think his name is Ron (lives on a canal boat), I was to join him once on a night recycle company clearance but couldn't coordinate time/dates... just a thought
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