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Thread: Would I just be lazy or also unsafe...

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    Would I just be lazy or also unsafe...

    If in climbing into a high seat I merely uncock the rifle and withdraw the bolt an inch or so but leave it still grasping the round which is now partially chambered? Certainly could make life easier and quieter when reloading once settled in the seat. I assume rifle can't go off as trigger now no longer connected to firing pin sear at rear of bolt??


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    It would make it easier and quieter, but not as safe......

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    I guess any scenario is going to be hypothetical but for instance.....

    If the bolt is open I assume the safety is off?
    if one slips the bolt might catch on clothing etc and close, leaving a loaded rifle in ready to fire state pointing who knows where?

    or 101 other variations on this theme...

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    What rifle is it that you can un-cock and withdraw the bolt slightly in the manner that you describe?

    Personally I withdraw the round from the chamber and push it back down into the magazine closing the bolt uncocked on an empty chamber which I consider to be a safer option.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I suppose realistically the logical answer to this is another question. Is there any way at all the rifle can fire during this manoeuvre ?

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    Surely it be would of no benefit at all based on the fact you are making plenty of noise & movement arriving and climbing the highseat, to make a small amount of noise loading a round in the chamber a minute or so after is of no consequence.

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    So you'll be climbing the ladder while holding the bolt in the half way position? I can't see there being an issue with accidental discharge, but I can imagine that you may either lose your grip on the ladder, or accidentally let the bolt fall all the way open (losing the round on the ground).

    I'd say that the safest way is to sling your rifle with the bolt either completely open on an unloaded rifle, or with bolt forward on an empty chamber, and use both hands on the ladder.

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    Sako 75 Press little button and uncock bolt - safety is still on. Withdraw bolt so can see a good inch of round brass. bolt at rear extended about 2.5 inches well beyond where safety tang engages sear at base of bolt at rear - climb high seat silently ( am very happy doing this am sure most of you can too if try! and btw stalked silently into seat, my guess is I am doing about 20 yards per minute max last 200 yards to seat and glassing every 3 steps the seat I have in mind) PS the metal rail is covered in pipe insulation so no clonking metal to metal. Climb in with rifle muzzle pointed down and sling over shoulder both hands and both feet on ladder, and twisting into seat so end up sitting holding stock as per normal with pistol grip and rifle muzzle aimed at base of seat. Slide home bolt, muzzle pointed earth and still with safety on. lift rifle to sit across ways in front on foam rails, lift butler creeks, set zoom appropriately, glass all round, tune into sd on iphone


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    The only truly safe rifle is an unloaded one. Not going to preach, but I've never heard of anyone being shot with an empty rifle..........
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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