Hi guys, a long shot I know....

I'm very keen to get into stalking and would like to go with an experienced stalker who wouldn't mind mentoring me.im 22 and live near wells-next-the-sea But am of course prepared to travel (within reason)I work the normal 5day week so some evenings/weekends would be great. I don't have a FAC yet but have experience with firearms and do not expect just to turn up and shoot stuff . I'd like to learn all aspects of stalking Including butchery. I would be happy to meet up perhaps in a pub ... So we could have a chat etc. and see if I'm the sort of person you wouldn't mind having about. I'd be more than happy to assist with other things like high seat construction pest control etc. etc.

Forgot to say I'm also fully CA insured.
again in a long shot I know but you don't know if you don't ask. Thanks guys.