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Thread: Longer Range Scope for 22-250

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    Longer Range Scope for 22-250

    Recently purchased a .308 and the 8x50 from my 22-250 is going on it for stalking. Looking to use the 22-250 for some longer range shooting (plinking) at targets and the odd night at the foxes. Looking to spend around 400 maximum not really looked at anything more target orientated before so any pointers in the right direction welcome. 30mm tube preferred to save me buying new rings but not essential. anything considered.

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    Vortex Viper HS 4-16x50? 470 new. I have one that is exceptional, but I really don't have a rifle to put it on. Very good glass for the money.
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    Have a look at the fox scopes full bore target boys swear by them and there cheapish around 150 quid spend some cash on decent mounts an go shoot .check reviews for the fox scopes well worth a look.

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    I assume you're looking for a variable,what mag range are you thinking of?

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    hi i have a burris fullfield 2 4,5x14x44 with ao and iluminated LRS ret. ideal for 22-250 just point and shoot at night ive used it on my 223 with great relults im looking for 200 ono let me know if interested and it is an inch tube

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