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Thread: Weliington Boots for big lads!

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    Weliington Boots for big lads!

    I need a new pair of wellys but have very large calfs.

    My current pair are Le Chamaues with the straps on the side I have had for a few years. I can just about get them on over socks but can nt wear them if i hav full length trousers on.

    Anyone come across a bigger pair?


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    I assume that you have the Le Chameau option with the extra large calf. If so I'm not sure that there is another choice.

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    Aigle do a bigboy option. Measurments are on the uttings website.

    However, as has been said before - If they wont buy our beef, I wont buy their wellies!

    "Even at the very bottom of the river, I didn't think to myself, Is this a hearty joke or the merest accident? I just thought, it's wet." - Eeyore

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