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Thread: Blood/Schweiss powder - Any good?

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    Blood/Schweiss powder - Any good?

    I'd like to try training my dog for tracking, but don't have regular access to deer blood. I've been looking about the net and have seen schweiss powder which can be mixed with water and used as a substitute.

    Is this type of stuff a worthwhile buy?

    I've seen two different brands so far, Waidwerk and HIKE, though I'm not sure if it's the same product as one costs almost three times as much as the other....

    Any experience with either of these brands?


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    I used the Waidwerk stuff with my pup before I had any real blood, and it certainly works as far as creating a scent trail that the dog can follow. If you want something to get the dog interested in tracking then, in my limited experience, it seems to work. She definitely likes the smell, although to the human nose it doesn't smell bloody at all.
    I'm by no means qualified to advise on the finer points of training, but as a method of getting the dog interested in finding and following a scent, the Waidwerk definitely works. I'd say there's probably enough in the tub to train your dog once a week for most of its working life, you don't need a lot.
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    Hi T T,
    one of our members has used it when he could not get deer blood when training his pup, it worked for him and had no detrimental effect to the dogs work,
    his dog now has done 10 live tracks and is still very young.

    hope this helps


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    Hy , I would never juse this .And normaly you don't need any blood to train your dog . But when it was good that member it his choise .

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    The dried stuff is a safe and effective alternative to fresh blood with the advantage that the missus can have the use of all of the freezer.I have used it in public demos to great success.
    Price 32.0 MAX for a tub and will last for years if you keep the top on, any unused made up in your bottle can be frozen for next time but do not leave in the back of your truck after training as it does go off like fresh blood.
    Use about 1 teaspoon for each 100ml.
    There is a lot of snobbery and myth about the dried powder but the Germans would not make and use it if it didn't work.

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    The Waidwerk stuff is powdered cows blood FYI my mate Rene sells it through sFa and he explained it to me when I helped him at IWA.

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    Hi Tartan_Terrier,
    as Bavarianbrit says Waidwerk is powdered cows blood, I have also heard this, when I could not get any roe blood I used Waidwerk to train two tracking dogs and they came on well, and lived up to my expectations.

    all the best,

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    I have just started my hound with waidwerk, it does work a treat and she responds well to it. Got some on my hands yesterday and I could smell the faint bloody scent, so must drive the hounds wild.

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