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Thread: First outing this season

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    First outing this season

    I managed to sneak out this morning to one of my permissions about 20 minutes drive away, a parcel of woodland about 250 acres in size. The wood is quite dense and rapidly fills with waist high ferns as soon as spring arrives, so I feel we are under a little pressure to start the buck cull as early as possible. It was quite foggy with visibility being reduced to 100m at times. I arrived at around 630 and slowly made my way through the wood. Nothing doing other than a few hares and the odd squizzer, certainly no signs of deer. By 920 I had covered the length of the wood and started to retrace my steps. I made my way downhill into a corner of the wood that I don't stalk that often. A slight movement attracted my attention to my left and the thermal confirmed a small heat source about 60 yards out. Probably a small bird or possibly a woodcock judging by the size. Up came the bins and through the murkiness I could just make out the ears of a roe doe who was couched down next to a tree. I got the rifle up on the sticks to make the use of the higher magnification and managed to snap a half decent shot with my phone through the scope. By half decent I mean that you can see the deer rather than it being a cover photo for Deer magazine! She was in no rush despite being fully aware of my presence, so I decided to wait and watch for a while. After five minutes or so, an ear flick just to the right of the doe caught my attention and sure enough another deer was there, this time a mature buck in hard antler. Transferring my attentions to him, I adjusted the quad sticks and made myself comfortable. A few seconds later he stood and started to walk away from me but stopped between two trees. The angle wasn't ideal, as he was quartering away from me, however he dropped to the shot. The doe made her exit (stage right) and I waited for a few minutes before approaching. He was a decent buck in good nick with a nice symmetrical but not overly heavy head. 39lbs on the hook

    All in all a nice morning out

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    thanks for write up and well done…got my heartbeat up… this coming Saturday my first outing of the season and I can't wait!

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    Well done a nice buck to start the season with ,every corner of a wood is worth a look ive just sat behind a wood for 2 hrs only to see 2 does out grazing bucks there last week but nothing tonight . Ille be back. By the way what kind of thermal device r you using and how good is it

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    Nice one, well done

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    Well done. I got lucky last night as well. Always nice to get your first Buck of the season.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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