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Thread: Mouflon hunting

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    Mouflon hunting

    I've got a list of international hunts I'd love to do, among them muntjac, roe and CWD as well as some stuff in the US. But what really gets me going is mouflon.
    I'm getting married next year so that's out but id love to aim at 2017 for a mouflon adventure.
    I know its a long shot but I was wondering if anyone knows whether it's possible to do a diy public land type hunt anywhere in Europe for a mouflon?
    I would consider a guided hunt but they just cost quite a bit once flights and trophy shipping comes in to it.
    I've toyed with the idea of a hunt swap but I just don't know if we really have anything a European would want!

    Any help would be appreciated at any rate.



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    I might be sticking my head above the parapit but from my experience of hunting in Europe (Poland, Slovakia, Czech.) You would have no chance of D,I,Y. in Europe. The land is always owned by someone and quite offten the Governments. There is a guy in CZ that I have hunted with that is very good but as always there is a cost. His organisation skills and professonalism is excellent so there is a cost. His company is Shooting Entaprise and id UK based, you might want to try him. if you want quality Roe and Muntjac pm me as I can get you some quality stalking in Wiltshire at reasonable rates.
    Good luck mate, Tusker
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    If there were such a thing as a low cost DIY hunt for mouflon in Europe, I think we'd all be doing it

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