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Thread: Bedding a pro hunter

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    Bedding a pro hunter

    Got around to bedding my new boyds stock for my pro hunter. Looking at the internals I think I am just going to bed the area around the recoil lug and bedding screw. It is just seems to me to be too much fuss to try bedding around that magwell, the important thing seems to be getting the recoil lug bedded in properly and insuring the barrel is floating. Can anyone share their experiences bedding this model?

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    buy me a few drinks and talk dirty to me.....

    ....oh, wait....I only read the title....

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    I guess I walked into that one!

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    Thought I was in the running for a boyds for one of my pro hunters off the site but alas I didn't get it or even a reply to my pm ! So sadly I can't help ,jäger bedded my remy into a masterclass stock which is similar to a boyds but a bit more classy so he may help you .

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