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Thread: Cobra Blade Gen 2 + pro

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    Unhappy Cobra Blade Gen 2 + pro

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the above or ideas on the best IR to use with night vision for clarity and long range?

    many thanks


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    In theory it should need less ir than an add on that goes on the other end. The clamp would need to be very good otherwise you will have problems with poi shift.
    i think that it would put weight up front
    btw I have never used one.
    I did read a review Before. Cobra Orion Pro Gen 2 review | Scopes and Optics Reviews | Gunmart
    found it.
    personally for the money I would buy a longbow. Oh, I have. But that is the beauty of choice.
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    They're OK. I prefer more mag to shoot with than you can get using one of these - but a mate has one and is very pleased with it. Look at the ATN PS28 as an alternate. If you are wanting to push range then you will be better off with a laser than with a torch. I'd buy variable so you can manage the amount of light you punch out - so a Dipol L3 or a N1000 AP would be my preference.
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