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Thread: 12Gauge Cleaning Brushes.

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    12Gauge Cleaning Brushes.

    Just been bought a new complete set of brushes, so, these 12G cleaning brushes are up for sale...both are "vintage" I'd think, as I bought them off an old chap who had owned them for years, very good quality sticks and brushes, they have been well used, but still do a fine job.

    1...Two piece stick, with brush and mop...12 posted.

    2...Two piece stick, with brush only. ..10 posted.

    OR, 20 posted for both... If using paypal, please add 4% to cover fees..

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    Parker Hale... Soooo 1980's!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Parker Hale... Soooo 1980's!
    Eggsellent Red Dot, thanks..., are they PH ones right enough?? I knew they were old, but didnt realise they were quite that old...

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    Yip PH Rosewood.

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    Thanks for that Reddot, you are certainly a font of knowledge mate...I owe you a pint should we meet up one of these days...

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