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Thread: Emigrating to New Zealand with firearms

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    Emigrating to New Zealand with firearms

    I'm emigrating to NZ and I wondered how easy it is to take my guns with me? It sounds easy enough to take them with you if you are just going on your holls, but how easy is it to take them for good?

    I have family out there already, thousands of acres of land to shoot over and my brother in law has a safe I can initially store them in if that makes any difference?

    Obviously I could sell up everything and buy new once I'm there, but providing its easy enough Id rather take what I already have.

    Thanks in advance for the help

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    I don't know if he still lurks on SD but J.D.M. emigrated to NZ a couple of years ago and took his rifles, he can probably help.

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    Taff on here recently emigrated there, and is still active on here. Might be worth a PM?

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    its easy type in emigrating to New Zealand importing firearms
    or try the link below

    the search bar is a wonderfull thing

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    Ok this is how did it, firstly keep your UK licence, secondly make sure your airline will carry them, I flew Malaysian , they will want details of firearms and a copy of your UK licence, they sort the airport, customs etc , no extra charge.
    The NZ end can be difficult and you will get a different answer from every police man you speak to, you cannot import unless you have a NZ firearms licence, which you have to sit a test for.
    What I did was, print off the temporary firearms licence form, bring it with you, explain to the lovely police lady, that you do not have a leaving date, as you don,t know how it will work out, she gives you a licence for $20, you then apply for a full licence, you will need a address and a place to store them that's safe, and also
    make sure your rifle is legal in NZ no pistol grips on a normal licence.
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    They also don't like anything with exposed hammers so watch out. I'm rather fond of hammer shotguns which is why I noticed it.

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    Didn,t know that, lever actions are common, and single shot h&s rifles.

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    My mistake; just checked & the law prohibiting double barrelled hammer shotguns was revoked in the '90's. I'm very pleased as if we ever go back I really didn't want to leave them.

    Revocation of Customs Import Prohibition (Semi-automatic Firearms and Shotguns) Orders (SR 1994/8) (as at 12 May 2011) Contents New Zealand Legislation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    make sure your rifle is legal in NZ no pistol grips on a normal licence.
    And I thought our regulations were weird

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