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Thread: If you go down to the woods today!

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    If you go down to the woods today!

    So you're off to the woods for a mooch about. You've only Roe on your patch and you're not going to be shooting anywhere near long range. 100 yards for a long shot,

    and more than likely around the 50-80 yard mark. What do you reach for? I'm talking caliber but, please lets hear the full set upů. cjs

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    243 Stutzen with an 8X56 S&B nestled within Conetrol rings & mounts.

    Supported c/o a single stick and while dressed in loden.

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    243 Stutzen with an 8X56 S&B nestled within Conetrol ring & mounts.

    Very nice sir, classic. But why not 308? I'm not having a go at your choice of caliber, far from it. Just questioning it.

    Regards, cjs

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    CZ 550 stutzen 9.3x62, S&B 1.5-6x42 Flashdot 7 in Warne 30mm QD's, Sellier & Bellot 285gr factory SP's.

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    Krico Stutzen in .308 with a 6x42 Zeiss Jena.

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    R93 in .243 with a Zeiss 2.5-10x50 IR on top.
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    Like this thread already.

    45-70 in a ruger no1 with a premium 350gr bullet.

    Either that or a 15" moderated 308 if that's more your thing.

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    The same set up I'd grab for every stalk.
    T3 lite stainless in 30-06 ,8x56 s+b ill. Jet z mod. 165gr hornady homeloads.

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    7x57 on m98 action in walnut stock, zeiss 4x32

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    Never seen a stutzen in left hand.
    When I win the lottery....
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