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Thread: First Buck of the season

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    First Buck of the season

    Second outing since 1st April, first one was a blank on Saturday morning.

    Got home from work a bit early this afternoon, sun was out and I thought I would nip up to the permission with the dog and watch the sun go down. Slipped the rifle in the car as well just in case.

    Spend an hour and a half watching a Roe Doe, doe calf and a little 4 pointed buck in Velvet. He wasn't really shootable but I got into 100 yds for a proper look at him. In lovely condition, a four pointer with potential couple of years to make a nice beast.

    Sneaked back out without disturbing them and carried on through a couple of other fields and through a small wood. As I popped out the other side there were three more Roe 80 yards away.

    A doe, buck yearling and a clean mature buck. I was planning on taking out the yearling but after a good look at the mature beast I decided to take him. He was old, a bit skinny and looked distinctly like he was going back.

    After the shot the theory was confirmed. He had very little left in the way of teeth. Used to be a good six pointer but the top tines were barely visible this year and most of the pearling was gone. On gralloching there was zero fat on him.

    A good one to harvest and hopefully his son will grow up to be a fine looking beast.

    Top evening out and the cherry popped for another season.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Good for you it is great to be able to look at bucks and be able to decide if you are going to take them then or leave them for another year.good management rather than shooting everything with horns

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    I'm in the very nice position where it's mainly Roe, a few Muntjac but by no means over run, and nothing else. I think I know most of the deer on the ground, which is big for my part of the world, and can run a plan. No real pressure from the keeper, he likes to see them about but knows they need controlling and is happy for me to do my thing.

    I love just sitting with the dog and watching them.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Well done how about some pics?

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    Foolishly I didn't take any. Not a great one for taking pictures of dead deer, but here's a picture of one I stalked with a camera in Scotland last year. He didn't get shot! Far too good.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So much to learn and so little time left

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