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Thread: Flat & fast shooting cal for fox but deer legal

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    Flat & fast shooting cal for fox but deer legal

    Looking at the pluses and minus of a flat and fast foxer but able to take a deer if the occasion arises.

    Preferably something like a .222 or .223.

    Wondering which is the flattest and easiest to factory feed.

    As stated, primary will be a longer ranger foxer but want the ability to have legal weight rounds to put through it for suitable deer species.

    I prefer head shooting so accuracy is pretty much a key element.

    I intend to home load but would be factory fodder until some ongoing stuff is put to bed.....

    The pros and cons would be appreciated.

    Note - I already have a very capable deer/LR target rifle. But want a laser flat round that isn't stupid money off the shelf and easy to pick up anywhere.


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    .25-06 would certainly fill the requirement.
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    25/06. sold my 22/250 to get one all round rifle. and got the 25/06. 70 grain bullets up to 120's mine likes the sako 117 grain factory ammo. shoots them superbly.
    i do reload and have reloading stuff for it but haven't of yet. well these 117's shoot well.

    they can be had from most shots. they do federal 85 grain bullets in factory form to. if you wanted something lighter for foxing.

    if you want just a fox and small deer legal calibre though 223 is a good choice. lots of factory ammo. also. saying that 222 is a nice cheap buy.
    lots of rifles about. and ammo always been easy to get for that to. well around here anyway.

    any good rfd can get you the ammo you want in,
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    Sounds like a .243 will do the job well.

    55gr soft point at circa 3900fps, pretty flat and 1858ft.lbs at the muzzle.
    Legal for deer in England and Scotland
    Factory ammo in abundance

    You will be ridiculed by bored and small minded folk on SD
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    Quote Originally Posted by deerly departed View Post
    I prefer head shooting so accuracy is pretty much a key element.

    Another "head shooter"...


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    The good old .243 accurate , every bit as good if not better than any of the .22 centre fires as a foxer and will double as a deer rifle if the need arises.

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    25.06 is indeed perfect, but not cheap to feed and you'll struggle to find suitable factory ammo for what you describe.
    The humble .243 with a lighter bullet should be perfect. If you like head shooting though, you should use a Ballistic Tip as it is more forgiving and will destroy anything it hits!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MARCBO View Post
    Another "head shooter"...


    Is there a problem with that if you are confident and able enough to do it?
    I personally would say a .243 would be a good choice, even though I use a .270 - In a way I regret ever selling my .243!

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    If your already sorted with a larger calibre and are looking at .22 cf then how about the classic .220 swift. Not especially common but thats it's appeal to me, if I could have another .22 it would have to be a .222, preferably a sako vixen.

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    I'm playing with a new .223 tikka t3 super varmint 1:8 twist and its dropping 6" at 300 yds with 75gr amax home loads. Is that flat enough? I think they will be awesome for deer when i get chance to try them.

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