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Thread: A Roe Sack for 2

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    A Roe Sack for 2

    Very many thanks to whoever suggested using a big blue Ikea bag as a roesack - I was facing a bill of 50 to replace my old one that has fallen apart (after 20 years mind) but the Ikea bag is sufficing nicely!

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    No thanks required - to clean them just stick them in the washing machine. I have friends who put me onto them - they use them ta carry all theri canoeing gear etc. But we are looking at having some made in canvas so they look a bit posher.

    But then we have been talking about it for three years and can't forsee it happening any time soon.

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    hi NickJ
    you hav Heym SR20 for that
    kind regards
    looks like he beat me to it

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    google image search "ikea bag"

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    Sad Just Sad
    an Ikea BAG is sound and cheap I lost mine and now use LIDl's Still we need class in this game. trapper

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    they will also hold six foxes

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