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    Reloading gear

    Due to a calibre change I have a few bits I want to sell. Can supply photos if necessary, just not in a position to now and all items are exactly as described:

    • L.E. Wilson .308win seating die c/w Micrometer top - as new, only seated 10 rounds. Bought a couple of months ago from Spud. Arguably the most accurate and repeatable seating die/system available. - 80 shipped (cost 106 plus postage!) - SOLD TO JCS pending the usual
    • RCBS 5-10 scale - as new in box c/w cover (10-10 little brother, smaller footprint but still with micrometer 10ths setting) - 60 shipped
    • Omega Auto-trickler (This was developed in the USA with the help of the developer of the Targetmaster Trickler, it really is amazing and makes the targetmaster look archaic! it will drop single grains at the push of a button or auto trickle and shut off with incredible repeatability much faster than the targetmaster. Incredibly well engineered and built, will work with pretty much any beam scale) Cost me approx. 180 by the time I paid shipping and duty etc.. yours for 120 shipped and I'll throw in a set of Lee Dippers to make the whole process very fast and slick. Items are as new. Have a look at it here - sold to 17 squirrel pending the usual
    • Lee Hand Press - as new - 25 shipped - sold pending the usual

    Bank transfer preferred but will take Paypal if I must.
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    I'll take the lee hand press if a deal cant be struck bud

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    L.E. Wilson .308win seating die c/w Micrometer top - 80 If its the stainless steel one me pls PM sent

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