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Thread: Painted rifles

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    Painted rifles

    I don't know if I,ve got too much time on my hands, but I was thinking about painting the plastic stock of my rifle in a camo pattern and I'm having an "is this a good or stupid idea" moment. Has anyone on here done it? if so how did it turn out? I've seen a few ideas from across the pond using krylon paint and bits of twigs and grass.


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    To do a good job takes time to get it right; personally I would buy some proper rifle finishing products such as Du-coat and use the right temples for the pattern you want, PM Jager S A on here he has more experience of this than anybody in the UK in rifle finishing.



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    I would second this opinion, as a crap job is pretty well permanent!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Here's one I did earlier My wife was painting some garden gnomes and I noticed the paint was 'Duracoat' so to break the boredom and keep her company while she was working I did a spare stock on one of my rifles and so far it has drawn remarks like "Oh my god whose is that" "what the H*** happened to that" and "my god I've heard of a technicolour yawn but never seen one until now"

    But I don't care, because it covers up some Devcon filled holes where I dug out channels to put a Detachable magazine in and it didn't go right and looked horrible.
    At least I can now be sure nobody else has one like this -nor wants one

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    Thar and Finnbear, thanks for the advice I will contact Jager SA before I do anything. EMcC thanks for the pics - I like it - camotastic.


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    Quote Originally Posted by pete evans View Post
    you forgot to paint the scope
    That would be sacrilige

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo123p View Post
    That would be sacrilige
    I will wait until next Christmas when the wife is painting some Fur Cones for Christmas decoration, she uses silver paint then

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    Hello stew,

    I would try or .com as they are specialists in customising rifle stocks. May be more expensive than DIY but you may end up with the perfect look.

    ATB Colin

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    you may not want this particular pattern, but these video's cover the basics pretty well.

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