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Thread: Zeiss Victory Diavari 3-12x56T*

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    Zeiss Victory Diavari 3-12x56T*

    For sale is my Zeiss Victory Diavari, No4 ret (non illuminated) ,Excellent condition perfect glass, no ring marks comes with bikini covers and rear Butler Creek (front still on order at my local dealer) sadly I can't find the box, this scope is approximately 5-6 years old and is the best scope I've owned and is only for sale as I never move it from 8x and seems a waste to me, so I'm going to fixed power. Will get some photo's up later 700.
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    I guess this is not the FL variant?



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    No sorry.

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    Will take a quality 8x56 in P/X up to 300 (thought I was sorted, but he's sold it)I'm also after a CZ .22lr bolt action set up hence the rest of the cash needed to fund one.
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    Will take a .22lr bolt action set up in P/X up to 400 (prefer CZ) having trouble with my internet at the minute so might be offline for a while feel free to ring or text me on 07960235409.
    Cheers Jase.

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    650 :-d

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    625 last price drop, if no joy it's going back on my .270
    Thanks Jase.

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    Zeiss 7x50 ill ret still on offer Jase

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1kevb View Post
    Zeiss 7x50 ill ret still on offer Jase
    I'm tempted Kev, but it doesn't leave me enough for a rimfire package, just got some new land, but the farmer needs me to shift some bunnies before I get a crack at the deer

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    Meostar R1 7x56RD illuminated +300,if you're interested?

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