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Thread: DSC1 Only Stalking on FCS lease - Important

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    DSC1 Only Stalking on FCS lease - Important

    Really important Information for Forestry Commission DSC1 Only Stalkers - Policy Notice for leases in Scotland....
    There have been several people online in other groups and forums who are currently stalkers on FC leases in Scotland who have said they have been and can stalk alone with DSC1 only without any problems. This is in breach of section 5.2.4 - where an individual holding only a DSC level 1 must be accompanied by someone with a DSC level 2. This will be written into all lease agreements for Scotland and is a national standard. If you or the lease holder/syndicate leader aren't aware of this then they need to be as breach of the lease agreements can result in a syndicate being suspended. This is not a discussion or argument as this information is direct from FCS in an email today to clarify the position across Scotland for DSC1 only stalkers on FCS leases.

    Make sure if you're in an FC syndicate you follow the rules!

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    Or..... you could just do your DSC 2!

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    I suppose this will force the issue of whether you need to do it or not for some people?

    Thanks for heads up

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    its been like that for about 4 years i thought you only had 12 month with level 1 then had to have level 2 after that or thats what they were trying to do

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    Still have to get dsc2 by the completion of the first year or you have to leave the syndicate

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    So, if you have level 1 and are registered for level 2 , you can join an FC syndicate but must pass level 2 within a year of joining the syndicate to remain a member of it?
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    yes thats the way i read it and whilst on the ground you should be accompanied by someone with level2 at all times

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    Didnt know that, sounds okay to me

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    A guy I know was in this position, but they other syndicate members were not allowed to accompany him, it had to be the FC Ranger and he had to pay him each time!

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    Dsc level 2 hand holding service, available list
    coming soon?

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