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Thread: Blaser R93 info

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    Blaser R93 info

    Has anyone tried the rimfire module for the Blaser R93, if so whats it like, is it accurate and how long is the barrel. Any info would be gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance


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    PM Offroad Gary, he seems to be the R93 fan on here, he has probably looked into it, he likes them alot!!!

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    Hi Craig, My 22lr R93 shoots great, the length of the barrel is 22.71" or 57.7cm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teckel View Post
    Hi Craig, My 22lr R93 shoots great, the length of the barrel is 22.71" or 57.7cm.
    Thanks for the info.

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    sorry, dont have a .22lr R93, just use a cz like everyone else

    yes i admit it - i own a turn bolt!

    it doesnt come out much though - perhaps it would more if were an R93?

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    I looked sort of semi seriously at this a while back as I have an R93 in 308. Problem was I could buy about 5 CZ rimfires for the money the Blaser .22 setup would cost, and probably another CZ for the cost of the scope mounts. There is no question that there would be considerable advantage in being able to practise with the same stock/trigger with cheap rimfire ammo and even on indoor ranges but in the end the money was just too much and would have bought me a LOT of 308 ammo to practise with. I'd love one but just couldn't justify the cost.

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