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Thread: Tips from Germany

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    Tips from Germany

    Here is an (admittedly) wooden gralloching stand to make for yourself, I will add more stuff of this nature as I find them from rummaging through my too huge magazine collection.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Obviously German! If this were Swiss it would have atleast 7 more boards in it's construction and have 5-6 adjustments.


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    I would lay a plastic sheet behind the beast hanging over the horizontal rail to keep the mess off of the wood construction but otherwise it works.
    I have had an offer from my pal here who runs the local council scrap facility of a chiller that came in that was meant for cooling 24 half litre capacity beer crates for use in a food establishment all in stainless inside and out 550mm wide x500mm deep x1320mm high, was made by Linde ca. 2008 it just needs a new door seal because the electric running cost was too high for the old folks home where it was used but as it will not be running all the time it is OK for me and it only needs a T shaped hanging rack in stainless to be made up and fitted in the top area, cost? = so far it is free for me to take away.
    This retirement game seems good so far.

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    I use a black n decker workmate with boards removed & a fibrox chopping board sd toons in its place ... The wee gap ( adjustable) holds roe perfectly for skinning , I prefer it to trying it hanging


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    If the chiller is free its worth a try, if its not suitable all you have really lost is some time

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    The chiller is working great.
    Here are some more high seats.
    MartinClick image for larger version. 

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    The stands you picture are the same as those used @ Hinterweidenthal, excepting for the addition of stainless steel sheeting top to bottom.
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    Here are some more.
    I like the old VW one.
    Click image for larger version. 

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