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Thread: Snap On tool box and tools (Limited Edition) - Professional/Business size

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    Snap On tool box and tools (Limited Edition) - Professional/Business size

    Thought would see if anyone interested here before going onto auction sites.

    I have been given this by my father in law who is a health forced retired mechanic, it's a California box in pale green.

    Its completely full of all Snap On tools which all carry a lifetime guarantee. Not sure how much it would cost new but I'm told its near on £20k.

    Looking for Circa £5000 for the lot.

    Anyone who maybe interested please PM for more details or photos.


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    Hi Pete,

    Don't know anything about snap on except they're expensive but you would probably be worth advertising this on Pistonheads, think it costs about a tenner. Bigger potential customer base there I'd imagine.

    Good luck with the sale.

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    Sadly selling a very large quantity of tools all in one go is very difficult as tools are built up over years ( especially expensive ones ).
    Your best bet is to keep the ones that you want and sell individually the tools as you are far more likely to get rid of then. Sometimes you may even achieve more money but is is a PITA.
    The boxes do go eventually as they are one of the more costly items. If the box and other bits don't shift call your local snap on man as he will put the word out or may buy them off of you (for the right price ).
    Take some photos and bung them on here. I might have some.
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    Thanks for your advice guys, I know it's not going to be easy to sell such a large item for a substantial cost but thought would put it out there and see if any response. I do think it's a very good deal if anyone interested due to sheer number of tools included. I have had some enquiries so will get some pictures and info up for anyone who is interested.

    Many thanks

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    I have had a look at the box this morning and the exact model is Snap-on Belair limited edition box which is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of 1957 Chevy Belair, bit of info on Google for anyone interested. The box I have also has two side cupboards either side of the box.

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    It sounds a shame to sell such a fantastic collection. But good luck with your sale.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Some initial photos of the tool box if anyone interested, I have taken lots more but prob easiest to send them via email so if anyone interested please PM me your email address.
    Many thanks

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    hey im not interested in the box as have one already but do you have any of the cordless power tools you would sell separately?

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    you really do need to speak to your local snap on agent mate that box is a special ltd edition

    if you advertise it on the evil bay I would guess you would get a very pleasant suprise

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    PM sent for pics

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