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Thread: Slip zip.

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    Slip zip.

    Got a 42" Holland&Holland shotgun slip that is showing its years. The zip is working but it's coming away from the actual canvas.
    Anyone know of a repairer that could refurb this fine item?

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    I know it's not leather but it's a job a saddler would probably do, heard good things of a saddler in Bridge of Earn
    you also have Nimrod saddlers in Perth, believe they also have a branch in Auchterarder, might be worth giving some of them a buzz.

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    William Rollinson in Bridge of Earn is worth a try , he has re-stitched a zip on my rifle slip . I think he is a shooter himself, so will know what you want.

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    Jackpot!! Thanks you two...

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    He will do an excellent job , I know him personally , a nice chap mention my name and he will charge you more

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