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Thread: Metal high seats

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    Metal high seats

    Looking at the design of metal highseats would it not be an idea to leave out three rungs, then have a simple three rung hook on section that would fit in the space. This could be carried away or padlocked to the foot of the highseat. It would satisfy the rule where the highseat was put out of commission when not in use,

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    What a good idea! better still have it folding upwards and padlock in place then all you need do is unlock, swing it down and padlock in the lower position for use

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    Hinges sieze and take time in manufacture. Time=money=expence. but security built in saves a lot of hastle with boards etc. It has to be quick and quiet.

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    What rule?

    I have over 50 Highseats on Just one of my pieces of ground non of them have anything except warning signs.

    There is a lot of rot talked about highseats.

    Things like rungs must be underwired have slipped into folklaw when it is all just stuffed shirts blowing how air.

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    Tilhill. When highseats are used they must be rendered out of commission when left unattended. This is due to public liability if anyone is hurt climbing on a highseat. Warning notices are not sufficient. We don,t make the rules.

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