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Thread: A Day T o Remember

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    A Day T o Remember

    Yesterday my day started with a very early wake up call and a trip to the high seat before light at 5.30 ish,i climbed up to the seat hoping to shoot my very first Muntjac.As the darkness faded the woodland started to wake up, the first thing to walk out of the shadows was a Roe Buck who walked within 15 feet of the seat i was in and proceeded to try to scratch off the dieing Velvet from his antlers on a near by fallen tree.As the morning woke up Pheasants were moving about Pigeons were feeding in the trees on newly growing buds, Woodpecker was rattling out a tune on a dead tree and even a Red Tailed Kite circled over head. In the distance i saw movement a Munty doe she kept running up the hedge at the edge of the wood i took aim and dropped her at 135 yards very pleased i finally got a Munty. 30 minutes later i heard a noise to my left and 5 Muntie does came running out of the cover and 1 stopped 60 yards from me bang and number 2 was on the ground.That was enough in this wood as people were moving about

    I moved to a different seat a few miles away and i had just got settled down and a 3rd Munty showed a small Buck another bang and number 3 was laying dead on the ground about 30 yards from the seat, I looked up and saw a Roe Buck out in the field of longish stubble i could just see his head I zeroed the 243 in on his neck at 139 yards and pulled the trigger he dropped on the spot,30 minutes later Munty number 4 came out and ended up the same way as the other 3 in my Truck.It was the first time i had shot a Muntjac and i ended up with 4 Munties and a Bonus Roe Buck.Days don't get much better than this . .



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    Well done - I'm totally not jealous!
    Really I'm not!


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    great write up well done

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    Great write up and what an excellent day for you. You really must be delighted with your early morning out! I would imagine that you now have a well earned smile from ear to ear!

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    A start to a day does not get much better that that.


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    It was a great day i never mentioned all the Roe Deer ,Ducks, Geese, Foxes, Rabbits, Hares and all number of other wild life i saw on the Day, i would go so far to say it will be a Day that will never be repeated.
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    Great result there Stalker...but what about dad ! was he as successful ?
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Great result and evocative pen work.L iked the mention of the varied wildlife, its not all about shooting!

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    Certainly a day to remember. Some nice meals there.

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