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Thread: Christ that nearly killed me!

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    Christ that nearly killed me!

    Hi All,
    No not an accident with a gun, but dragging a Fallow Buck!
    For those of you who know the Teign Valley in Devon it has some seriously steep areas, i shot the Fallow buck (pricket) about 1000 yards from the farm, but it decided to run off another 100 yards before ending up near the bottom of the field, no access for a vehicle, but even if there was it was so wet it would have got stuck or turned over, so i began the difficult drag, then it started to hail, and then heavy rain, in gale force winds, what a nightmare.
    I kept setting myself targets (tree's or hill top') to meet before i would stop for a rest and move on to the next target, eventually got it back to the farm house, red faced, wet,dripping in sweat, heart pounding and puffing away and was offered a whiskey to aid my recovery.
    I have dragged red's before but this one will remain in my memory for a long time!
    Anyone else had the same experience?

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    I certainly have !

    My first Whisky was offered after the first wife left !
    The next when the second wife left !

    Both were a tremendous aid to my recovery.

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    I remember one nov 1st morning when i shot a pricket and 3 does.The farmer came along and asked how i got on so i told him.He was very pleased then promptly told me that i could not drive across the field (for some reason i can remember) so had to drag 4 large fallow one by one about 500yds each.Would not shot so many had i known

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinF View Post
    dds -

    I think you missed this thread:
    Apologies, yes i missed that one, i didn't think i was on my own.

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    an old keeper/stalker said to me some times its better to sit and watch them, and shoot them next time


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    I totally agree it is just that this bit of land is small and they are rarely on there duirng daylight hours and do lots of damage at night so had to make hay while the sun shone

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2434me View Post
    I certainly have !

    My first Whisky was offered after the first wife left !
    The next when the second wife left !

    Both were a tremendous aid to my recovery.

    nice 1, spat my tea out reading that

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    Aye thats right Lee, you can spit tea out but you never spit out whisky.
    Reminds of the time i shot my first sika stag "a big beauty" and the mate i was with, of mature and experienced stalking years sayed he's a abig fella. Right i'll grab the rifles, you drag the deer. Lesson learned Think before you shoot


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    Always remeber on a hare shoot we had only just started the drive and one got up about 20 yds away.A wise old boy next to me shouted "too far".I just ignored him thinking he must be blind and shot the hare.2 miles later at the end of the drive over heavy plough carrying a very large hare i knew what he meant

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