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Thread: Ase Utra SL5 .30

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    Ase Utra SL5 .30

    For sale is my Ase Utra S Series SL5 .30 moderator.

    this has a serial number on it and when it was transferred to my FAC the number was also entered. I mention this as all my other mods have no serial numbers.

    the thread is 14x1 and it has been on my Sako Finnlight of which was new to my in Jan 15 having only been zero'd prior to this. The mod has had 60rds through it.

    This is is surplus to requirement as I am going to use the finnlight to its full capacity and use it without a moderator.

    looking for 150 plus rfd.

    picture to follow.

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    Pictures of mod below, these mods come with 2 year warranty from when they are stamped with serial numbers. As you can see it was done 11/13 therefore it is still under warranty until 11/15.

    Pictures show it to be slightly darker than it is.

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    PM replied too.

    and still available!.
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    On hold for "lucror".
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    No longer on hold

    Back up for sale.



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