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Thread: Parker Hale .308

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    Parker Hale .308

    Parker Hale .308 laminate stock, with Lisenfeld 6 x 42 scope, beautiful condition 400.
    (Bi-Pod not included)
    Call me on 07809 627 435 or PM me for more details.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Craig, with the greatest of respect, they don't realise that sort of money! I can't sell my Parker Hales (any condition) for more than 200.

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    BSAs are cheap also, I took one in part exchange recently for 100 complete with a 2.5-10X44 scope and gave it to a friend as a `starter` centrefire.


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    Hmmm Interesting. I wonder where all you guys are situated? as although I know that both Parker-Hales and BSA's are "unfashionable" amongst a lot of the stalking crowd the average price I see for the P-H 1000 is about 225. The 1200s vary depending upon exact model but just checking on Guntrader , an easy site to do a quick check on, the P-H .308 chambered rifles vary from 75 (which I am assuming is well rough?) to 350 and none mention scopes or mounts. The problem is that most dealers have not got a clue when it comes to P-H models and just use the names they have heard like Safari or they make them up like the 1200 Deluxe sheesh.

    For instance Adenbourne Field Sports has a M81 classic in .243 listed as a Midland Oh they're asking 325 for it with a Remington 760 P-H one piece mount attached.

    Now I paid 275 for my 1200C in 25-06 a short time before Christmas how I wish I could find more of these 100 almost immaculate codition rifle of Parker-Hale or BSA manufacture.

    The same problems with BSA's exist with dealers being ignorant about the models and making up their own names like the 1st pattern Monarch at Fenland Rural sports listed as a BSA 5 Star .

    Now as I am not familar with Chris's rifle and that model it's most difficult to assess a fair price. The Lisenfeld scope should fetch between 100-130 and the #26 P-H one piece mount which is actually designed to fit the Remington auto loader models 740, 742 & 760 should fetch between 25-35 so the rifle is around 335- 375 may be a tad high but not out of bounds. Chris I suggest you list in on Guntrader and no I don't know how to or the cost .................. sorry as I have not link with them at all..

    It was the acquistion of a P-H 1100 Deluxe in 30-06 some years ago which started my search for Parker-Hale information as I was told it was a Safari, Safari Deluxe, Super Safari and 1200 deluxe and this was by Ex P-H employees and dealers who professed to knwo what they were talking about it was when I stumbled upon a P-H #73/4 catalogue for sale on a stand at a Bisley Arms fair that I really disovered that it was a P-H 1100 deluxe.

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    Thank you for your replies, please note there is an error in the price, it should read 400 not 500.
    This is 300 for the rifle and 100 for scope, mounts and sling.

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    i cant see how that tidy little set up isnt worth 400 of anyones money????

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    Hi Craig!
    Is your rifle still available?

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    your rifle model parkerhale is a very nice rifle i have had a few when they where new and every customer was happy.


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    Don't be brow beaten by others wanting a cheap rifle.
    There's nothing wrong with Parker Hale rifles as those that have them will attest.
    Looks like you might have a laminated stock from a 1300C (Scout) on yours & one of these alone went for 200 recently!
    I've got 3 Lisenfeld scopes & 130 to 150 would be reasonable for a 6x42 one of these in good condition.
    If it's a detachable magazine version then again the mags are like hens teeth & sell for good money.
    400 is CHEAP & a bargain if some one is prepared to be unfashionable.
    Norman Clarke knows a lot about P/Hales if you want to know more or get spares etc.

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    I really like the look of that rifle, traditional, classy....I'd pay you 300 for it if it shoots straight, bore is clean, bolt is tight, no rust.....

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