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Thread: bases and rings for Midland

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    bases and rings for Midland

    Hi there,

    need some bases and ideally also rings for a Midland Gun Co.

    not the Mauser 98 style, on the Midland the rear bridge is significantly higher and the holes are spaced further apart.

    please PM me what you have.

    bit of an urgent one!

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    Norman Clarke usually stocks them

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    ok, progress....I first thought the bsa monarch was similar to midland gun co. in mounts, the monarch and cf2's using remmy 700 matching bases...however, I have now found that the midland uses PH 39's and 40's or Weaver 71 and 75's..

    anyone out there able to confirm this from actual experience?

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    The Midland rifles were built on a springfield 1903 action - should give some choice as these were obviously common in the States (and a lot of info' on the net ), but has already been mentioned if you are struggling - call Norman Clark's and ask to speak to Bill .
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