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Thread: A Nice Little Stalk

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    A Nice Little Stalk

    I thought I would share a nice little stalk I completed a while ago, it goes like this.

    Up about 2 hours before first light, this permission is about 15 to 20 minutes drive. A cup of tea in the thermos cup and away I go.

    Drive onto the permission and get set up.

    Walking along using the thermal imager, light was up, but the thermal imager is handy out to at least 600 yards on Roe so handy if the Roe are tight to cover to try and minmise spooking any.

    Stuck the thermal imager away as the light is now good, walking along a track with the farmers veg patch on the right. The Roe have been kindly couching down in the straw in the veg patch munching on the carrots and other veg, but no luck this morning as the veg patch is empty.

    Glassing as I go at the end of the track there is a long line of big round hay bales that dissect the large field, so depending if I see Roe to the north or south depends which side of the bales I approach to the west boundary.

    I got to the hedgegrow to the west boundary still no Roe. I had seen a Doe and a follower a couple of days previous, so it was these two I was hoping to get on to.

    Followed the hedgegrow going north to another treeline, still nothing, took this treeline and went east, got to the end of this tree line, but then this is when the fun begins as to go further it is a 170 yard walk across the open field to the next treeline. I normally lay up here for a while as it's a good spot to see everything in a 360 radius.

    Was sitting about 20 minutes when I caught sight of the two Roe I was after, you guessed it, they were about 350 yards away across the open field of 170 yards, through that treeline and beyond to another 180 yards. The only way to get to them was to walk across the open field.

    There was one tree between me and the two Roe, I put the tree between myself and the Roe, went a few steps and glassed, I did this all the way across the field until I got to cover in the treeline. Luckily for me they were feeding towards me.

    A bit more patience, I was worried that they would slip into cover as they were 5 yards from the woods to the left as they worked their way towards me.

    I don't like shooting at extreme distances and want to be sure of a quick humane kill, so when I was happy with the distance I shot the first one that was slightly further out. It dropped to the shot. The second one, a follower reacted to the noise and was looking towards the one I shot, it trotted about 10 yards towards it's companion and I shot this one as well, it rushed towards the cover to the left, but the bushes are that thick that it bouncy back out and dropped in the field as well. Both were text book heart lung shots. When I walked out to the Roe I ranged back to the tree and the first one was 130 yards and the other one was 120 yards.

    The farmer was a happy bunny as these two were definately devestating his veg patch that they sell the veg at their farm shop. Job done..

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    Nice little right up pal, and sounds like a nice little stalk and well deserved ending

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    Yes the farmer was happy as these two were eating him out of house and home. There is a nice Buck on this ground just now so looking for him sometime next week. There is a large estate that surrounds my farmers land, the estate doesn't shoot the deer, just a pheasant shoot, so my permission is like a vacuum, you shoot a few and more wander in. It frustrates the farmer, but works out for me. The farmer doesn't mind a few Roe, but when it starts to get out of control he sees his crops disappearing overnight, but gives me a steady amount of Roe while keeping a healthy population going at the same time.

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