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Thread: K98 mauser ? help please

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    K98 mauser ? help please

    I have just seen a k98 mauser for sale at my rfd shop.
    the question I have is it has a date of 1937 on it, which I take to mean that when it was manufactured, but it has no swastika or any other nazi markings on the rifle would this be expected if it was made at the height of the nazi regime. I don't to buy a pup any idea's please.

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    Sometimes rifles went back to the armoury for re-work, were scrubbed and re-issued with a new date stamp, that said, it's uncommon for no other markings to appear. On a 1937 stamped front receiver I would also expect to see, above it, an S code, usually S/42 or S/243, etc - mostly coming from the Oberndorf factory where probably the best quality actions were manufacturered.

    Is it a sporter or original military stock? is it a carbine?...might be if in original military configuration given the year.

    In 1937 Oberndorf did a lot of experimenting with stocks, including early synthetic versions believe it or not. It would not be impossible for it to be an early experimental project that never became a military issue rifle.

    Any pictures would help me give you a near close history of the action/rifle.

    How much did they ask for it?



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    The only such marks that you should see on a typical military K98k are tiny eagle inspector's marks. A few such as those which went to the Reichspost (why would the postal service in a highly regulated low-crime nation state need military rifles?) have additional markings. As Pietavenatores says, many of these rifles were 'recycled' after the war. Some of the new users left the Third Reich inspectors' marks on even when they rebarrelled / refurbished them - it's strange to see former Israeli K98k rifles rebuilt in the 1960s as 7.62 Nato for kibbutz self-defence with these marks still on. Most new owners did likewise, but a few machined off any surface with such marks such was their distaste for the Nazi regime. The Norwegians did this.

    If you get very visible Nazi markings, especially SS runes, 99.99% of such are fakes to con a higher price out of gullible buyers.

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    had a gew 98 from 1911 made in Spandau some would have been re issued to reg'ts and re -stamped , not all would have the Nazi markings.

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    If it was an original sporter it would not be marked "1937", it would have the Mauser "tonne" stamped on the breech ring. The exception being those sporting rifles produced during WWII, those rifles, especially the late ones had few markings beyond proof and caliber. Pictures of the complete rifle will tell the tale unless it is in some state of sporterization. In that case a close examination of exisitng marks will be required. Even in what appears to be original condition, it may be hard because of very real likelihood someone or other through the years has swapped out various parts.

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    As the OP refers to a '1937 dated K98' and expects state (Nazi) markings, he's presumably talking about a military rifle, to be precise the standard German armed forces' rifle of that era, the KAR98k, a further shortened version of the WW1 KAR98AZ or other models, hence the lower case 'k' at the end (kurz = short).

    According to John Walter ('The German Rifle) around 250,000 KAR98k rifles were manufactured in that year out of an estimated 1.02 million over its 11 year production life 1934-1945.

    As pietasvenatores says, a factory production code-letter or letters is usally seen on the front receiver ring above the year date. The main codes are:

    S/27, 27, or ax ........ Erfurt

    S/42, 42, byf, or svw ................. Mauser-Werke AG, Oberndorf am Neckar

    dot .......... (Waffenfabrik Brunn or BRNO, but only applies after the German seizure of Czechoslovakia and the takeover of its arms industry).

    bcd ......... Gustloff-Werke, Werk Weimar, in Weimar (but only from 1941)

    S/147, 147, or ce ............ J P Sauer und Sohn, Suhl

    S/237, or 237 ................ Berlin-Lubecker Maschinenfabrik AG, Lubeck

    ch ................................ FN Herstal (after the 1940 German invasion of Belgium and seizure of its arms industry).

    S/243, 243, or ar ........... Mauser-Werke AG, Berlin-Borsigwalde, Eichborndamm.

    660, or bnz ................... Steyr-Daimler Puch AG, Steyr, Austria (after the 1938 German-Austrian 'Anschluss')

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    thank you all for your help.
    asking price is 295.00, the bolt has been damaged in the past and has a replacement part.
    still not sure if I will buy at the monment.

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    it would want to be pretty nice to merit 300 with a damaged/replaced bolt (not sure what has been damaged replaced but doesnt sound great)

    gets some pics up

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