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Thread: How Do UK stalkers rate themselves?

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    How Do UK stalkers rate themselves?

    How do UK stalkers rate themselves against stalkers from other countries - good, bad, indifferent?
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    Yet another pointless and potentially divisive thread ? Why ?
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    Rating in what discipline/capacities, fairly difficult I would reckon, given the disparity in your neck of the woods compared to UK or Europe?
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    Like trying to compare Apples and Pears IMO too many differences in culture and tradition to make comparisons.

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    I would think they are neither better or worse than any other country. In sweden we have good, bad and total knobhead hunters , same as in England . I sure its no different in Australia

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    The number of hot dinners they've had? The number of Facebook friends they've acquired? The number of pointless threads they've started?

    Give in, don't do Aussie stalkers rate themselves then?
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    Maybe the question should be not how we rate ourselves but how do others rate us, and should we care?
    I was about to say this is a pointless thread,but considering I have posted two replies ,I wonder what that says about me.

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    Well you haven't yet told us how you rate yourself! I'm sure you're brilliant though. But I think this is really a question for the deer.
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    As the stalkers I know are only from the UK I have no way of knowing.

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    Over some considerable years I have had hunters from the following countries.

    New Zealand.

    And most have been decent safe people. But like anything in life you will always get the wrong person, much the same in Australia I have no doubt. So I find this post rather pointless as it proves nothing about where you come from, but the person that you are.
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