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Thread: Leupold VXR

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    Leupold VXR

    Anyone got experience with these? Was considering the 4-12x40 to put on a Winchester 70. They can be bought on eBay for around 400 (plus duty). Have a Swarovski Z3 on my .308 which is a joy, and light. The Leupolds seem to be highly regarded in America, was wondering how they stack up against European makes? Also are Leupold mounts any good?

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    Always used Leupold, have 3 VXL x50 with the half moon cut out objective. 450 in the states. Used them in Africa, Finland at -27 and all over the UK. Never had one go wrong yet, and all have a lifetime guarantee. Just as good as some of the European scopes (I know many will not agree) but having used Leupold for over 30 years, the only scopes I have seen give problems with clients have been European ones. (But only on the odd occasion)
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    I have the VX-R 1.25-4x20 on a Blaser saddlemount for boar.

    It's a great little scope and - given that I'm not going to be hunting driven boar at first/last light - found it hard to justify the additional expense for an equivalent Zeiss or Swarovski. I have four Zeiss scopes, so I'm hardly biased when I say that the Leupold gives the European equivalents a run for their money. Others who've used the Leupold have gone on to buy the same, and they seem equally happy.

    Doubtless they'll be some detractors come onto the thread, but if you can ignore the label snobbery I doubt you'll be disappointed with a Leupold scope.
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    I have 3 VXRs ...definitely the best scopes for the money!

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    Thanks for the replies, I've read the glass on the VX-3 is superior to the VX-R so may go for the 4.5-14x40 version of this instead. Don't really need an illuminated reticle or 30mm tube.

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