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Thread: The female eye for a bargain?

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    The female eye for a bargain?

    Looked at some Duracell CR 2032's online yesterday, (needing to replace a spare under the turret cap on the Boar scope), 0.24p online each, Mrs Finnbear's Sunday morning visit to Sainsbury's resulted in a purchase of two of the said batteries ......... 4.99p .... what is the fe**i'n' markup on that little deal????????
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    If she's paying then that saves you 48p on the pair, so yes I'd say that was a bargain

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    I love getting various batteries online - saves a lot of money compared to taking watches in to the jeweller!

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    I bought a packet of 10 cr2032s in pound land last November for guess what ...... 1
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    Beware of fake battery's on e bay, sounds mad but they are there, usually last only a few days if that.

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