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Thread: Dacia Duster

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    Dacia Duster

    Hi it is over a year since last thread. Has anyone bought one? I'm due replacing my santa-fe had it for nine year great car never let me down. Funds are quite tight just now so the Dacia Duster looks a good value for the money. What do you think.

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    Loads of them on the west coast of Scotland while I was on our annual holidays .

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    Never driven one, but I have just passed one with a 15 plate being winched onto the back of a tow truck! Hope this helps.

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    Remember these from in the 80's they were the worst 4x4 ever in every way. It says something when the Lada Niva (or Riva, can't remember which) 4x4 topped it. Saying that I've never owned one and never driven one. Hopefully after disappearing for the last 30 years they have had time to iron out a few of the problems lol

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    Tons of them in France and Switzerland.


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    Problem is when people buy one of these, they want to think they have pulled off a blinder and are reluctant to say they paid peanuts and got what they deserved.

    My neighbour is a smallholder and has recently acquired one. Running gear doesn't look very butch for a 4x4.

    I am loving the recently retired model Nissan X-Trail I bought last year.
    Yes I should have taken the Blue Pill!

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    Saw several in Croatia last year and Hungary this year and all seem to be able to stand up to abuse.
    My son bought one and is pleased with it, it is his version of a Chelsea Tractor on the outside :-) but full of bricks and rubble inside so has the best of both worlds.

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    Drop CoCo the clown an email at he uses them in his act!

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    A friend had one, hated it.
    Went to trade it in and the dealer he bought it from new did not want it in part ex.
    You don't get what you don't pay for.

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    They are sold in India with a Renault badge.
    Supposed to be fitted with the last generations Renault scenic cockpit and Nissan X trail 4x4 system as they are all under the Renault ownership.
    A hunter in my village has ordered 2 for his families use so I will see how he gets on (a 7 months waiting list in Bavaria)

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