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Thread: OK what would you do?

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    OK what would you do?

    We control fox on a large estate and have been for 15 years with no complaints. An employee of the estate is good with paperwork and landed the owner a huge grant and was rewarded with a .22.250 and unlimited ammo... He is pinging away at anything that moves and was out with a pal on Friday night (pitch dark) and this morning a Roe DOE gralloch was found over a hedge with two almost full term foetus in the womb... The owner is abroad and the guy who culls strict numbers on there is going to look at the evidence.
    Tyre tracks on the soft ground match this new guys Defender and we have no doubt he done this disgusting deed.
    Should the owner or the police be informed or should we say nothing?

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    Quiet word with the shooter and owner first before the police,that huge grant might have changed loyalties.

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    + 1 on that, sounds like theres going to be some bad blood ahead,

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    Depends on the owner.

    He may think that the huge grant is worth the out of season doe, sadly.


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    The owner is now in possession of the grant, and the employee remains just employee.

    As thanks for securing the grant, he was given and rifle and ammo, not carte blanche to shoot anything he wants regardless of season and I suspect/hope that the owner would take a pretty dim view of this.

    Personally, I'd have a bl**dy loud word with the shooter, telling him he's been caught, and if you ever have the slightest hint of suspicion that he's doing it again, you'll go direct to Plod, bypassing the landowner and any goodwill that might remain.
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    Difficult one... grassing could back-fire but on the other hand keeping schtum won't help the situation either.

    I think I'd be inclined to keep my foxing rights and let the deer controller deal with this one.
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    At the moment you have a Doe gralloch and tyre tracks.
    Many vehicles take the same tyre. The evidence is not going to inspire the police despite 'your instincts'.
    Better would be a carcass, and a recovered bullet; although interestingly the RSPCA would be more interested than PS (I suspect).

    It may be you count your losses and stick to Foxing, while you still can; you never know better evidence may present itself downstream, it is my experience that is does.
    This I would take to the land owner as you should not want to be causing them grief unnecessarily with PS.
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    Firstly I would play my cards close to my chest and mention this on the world wide web. (Doh!)

    You have given more than enough info here for anyone in the know to identify the individuals concerned.

    I suspect your 15 years loyal foxing won't count for much if your actions, however correct, honest and well intended, end up costing the employee and landowner a load of grief. Been there, got the t shirt.

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    I take it the owner definitely doesn't have an out-of-season license and a night license then?

    As RickoShay said, tyre tracks are not unique. You are sure this guy done the disgusting deed, but what real evidence do you have?

    Stick a trail cam up and see what you find, you may be surprised.

    In the meantime I'd have a quiet word with the employee, not to accuse him but to say that you've found a deer gralloch on the ground, you think there's someone poaching the ground and ask him to keep an eye out. If he's guilty he'll take the hint, if he's innocent you've not burned any bridges.
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    No night licence or need for. His tyres are 235 Kumho KL71's, pretty rare. He was out Friday night. He is GUILTY of this and of that i'm 100% sure....

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