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Thread: Opinion on Polaris Magnum 500 quad ?

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    Opinion on Polaris Magnum 500 quad ?

    Afternoon Folks,
    Can you give me opinions on a Polaris Magnum 500 quad please 2005'ish vintage?
    Any negatives..

    Time has come to change quads, my Kawasaki is beginning to cost money and time, and I'm in to using them for work, not mending them.

    I have the opportunity on what looks to be a decent one..

    So.. experiences......... good and bad..
    Spare parts price?

    Power? I use my Kwaka for towing a IW P6e full of logs about the place, and feeding pheasants in far flung place, extracting carcass etc..
    we also use the quad in winter to get out of the house and pull stuck road vehicles up to the house..

    So its all work and no play.

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    I dont know that specific model but Polaris generaly are held in high reguard. The only issue is spares and servicing are less common than honda so more expensive.



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    Polaris electrics are not so good and buying a 10year old one is a gamble as you will struggle to find secondhand parts. Stick with Honda, Yam or Kawasaki. If something drastic goes wronge it's worth nothing at all, I had a real old honda 350 about 15year old the engine went bang and it still made 750 when P/X. If it's just getting light use you may be ok. My advice would be get a honda a bit more but it will be worth something the day you get rid of at and will be reliable whilst you are using it.

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    The 500 magnum was built as a no frills solid work horse there are no common faults or any problems with them only thig I would recommend is jack the back axle up and check it drives on BOTH front wheels when in 4wd as Polaris are a true 4wd on the front unlike most other quads

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    worked for polaris Scotland for a few years, spares not a problem for older models may take a few days though. Reid hydraulics might be your Angus dealer, Meldrums in Fife and Polaris Scotland at Dunkeld, Perthshire. Most machines ok, like all other makes if you get a good one fine if its a bad one you can be fixing it all the time.

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    Thanks for the views folks...
    To put it in to perspective, the one I'm looking at has 2-300 hours........ tops!
    So its not a used and abused donkey..
    Much appreciated ..

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    I bought a Polaris 500 second hand and its been great, wheel bearing is a bit wobbly so needs replaced but not a big job, main dealer is handy for me as they are in Dunkeld, looking at a second hand one,,,, drive it ,,,,,,,check it out ,,,,,and make your decision

    best of luck


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    The Polaris awd is fantastic, just look for the usual wear associated with a secondhand machine.

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