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Thread: Looking for a 303

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    Looking for a 303

    can anyone help.

    I'm looking for a 303, preferably a Parker "sporterised" but anything considered. I'm not wanting to spend much [as always].
    Private sale or any dealers who specialise.


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    Theres a BSA SMLE Sporterised 303 at the Mayfair club in Sunderland for sale, very short, muzzle brake, synthetic stock, looks nice its up for 200, phone 0191 564 1966. This fella usually has a decent stock too

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    Sorry to say but despite what soem think there is quite a ready market for these and so the prices are higher than most realise. However a quick check found this one at Portsmouth Gun Centre Ltd "Parker Hale .303 Sporter Bolt Action second hand Rifle (R/H), 200"

    Joe at Gunshop East Barnet ( 020-8440-2974) often has one or two in stock.

    another likely palce is :-

    Seth Ellet in Surrey who deals only in Enfields. A few years back he had a new P-H Supreme No1 but it was just out of my reach so I brought a No4 Supreme from him.

    Peter frost of Empire Gunsight Co (01409-221748) usually has a couple.

    Stephen J Downs (0117-977-2752) specialises in Enfields

    Classic Connections (0865-62501) Might be worth a try.

    Hope that helps

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