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    Hello. I am starting my first job as an under keeper later this month. I will have accommodation provided on the estate. Just wondered if anyone knows of an insurance company who will provide cover for personal effects. Have tried one or two companies online and they say that they can't provide cover for my "unusual circumstances"!!!!
    Any suggestions gratefully received!

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    What are your "unusual circumstances" never had a problem getting cover nor has anyone that I know.

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    Aren't you just looking for home contents insurance?

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    You simply want contents insurance rather than building and contents.

    I would normally recommend NFU but they seem to be going down the corporate route now with call centres etc. If they ever ring me back we will be having a frank discussion about a few things!

    One thing to consider; get cover that includes items outside your home and check the level on 'sports equipment', a decent pair of binos or scope could be over the max value.

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    Nothing unusual at all - just think that the insurers which I contacted think than an under keeper in provided accommodation is something "unusual"!! I am just looking for home contents insurance. The only problem is that I will be provided with some temporary accommodation when I arrive and I will have to move into my permanent accommodation when it's ready. Might try the NFU?

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    Try a few more, should not be a problem not just keepers but most estate employees are provided with accommodation.

    You are only trying to insure your home contents so whether you are a home owner ,tenant or as in your case tied accommodation should not make a great deal of difference.

    Nor should the fact that you will have to move effect it much either.

    Spent a large part of my working life in the same position as you (tied accommodation) and moved house several times as you are about to do , never had any problem getting insurance.

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    I would have thought most companies would insure you , but they could be wary of "temporary " or how long , or what "temporary" accommodation consists of . Anyway good luck with your new keepering job.

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    Hi just tell them address of first accommodation, then tell them when you move.

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