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Thread: Hawke scopes

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    Hawke scopes

    hello all, i am looking to upgrade my optics that are sat upon my Sako AII .243 that are currently simmons 3-9 X 42 with a 1" tube. this is vastly inferior to what i need for light gathering capabilities in low light stalking and occasional fox lamping.

    i resarched the option of swarovskis and S&B's (second hand) but quickly gave up because i realised that they don't tend to crop up so often.

    what do people think of this?

    apparently Hawke cant charge S&B or swaro pricves because they do produce lower end crap aswell, is it that thier higher end products do have the same amount of quality and reliability as the german makes but cheaper because of the reputation.

    with its 56mm objective lens and 30mm tube, will it offer me the high amount of light gathering capabilities that i am after, will it be reliable and accurate?

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    I know not much about them except the one I tried was total crap. It was one of the Nite- Eye range. I did take a look at them at the Newark show was but still unimpressed.

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    Bushnell elite....

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    (Eclipse 30s have been tested on the largest calibre rifles available.They are built to with stand recoil.

    All models are nitrogen purged, making them waterproof, and fog proof. •Nitrogen Purged
    •Lock ring - saves your shooting setup
    •Waterproof, shockproof & fog proof
    •Hawke 10yr Warranty)

    what do you recon? seeing as i dont have much money, could this be a good option?

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    It will be good enough but always get the best optics you can afford even if you get a used scope of ebay.

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    to be honest mate i think what you are doing is a little bit of a side ways step and i dont think you will be gaining much if anything at all. i once had a hawke think it was a titanium and it cost me 200 and i really dont think it as worth it. i know what you mean buy the price of a s+b i got lucky and found a cheap second hand one and if it wasnt for that i wouldnt have one, my advice to you would be wait another 6 mths and try and get the extra cash up toghether for a cheap s+b or even start to look at a meopta scope which have fantastic glass for the money as many others will agree

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    if you dont have much dosh then dont waste it on one of these. ive tried to do it on the cheap before and to be honest it has ended up costing more as i have replaced cheap scopes for better ones. for 250-300 you could get a decent second hand european scope or a nikon bushnell leuopold all of which have good reputation. having said that i have no knowlege of this scope.
    i just sold a leuopold vx111 6.5 -20 x 40 for 200 which i suspect would kick the arse of this scope. if you need to go cheap go really cheap until you can get enough together for the good stuff (the first couple of dozen deer and fox i shot was with a 50 quid 8x56 air rifle scope on my .243)

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    so what makes S&B and swaro better than this hawke. they clearly are better but why?

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    the glass i believe and build quality, best thing you can do is look through different scopes and decide for yourself.

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