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Thread: Blaser - too noisy?

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    Blaser - too noisy?

    I've been scratching my Blaser itch for months now and cannot decide to go Blaser or stay with another Sauer.
    I have a space for 6.5 and fancied an Outback, but recently used a Blaser R8 Professional in 9.3x62mm. Lovely rifle and easy to carry and points like a dream.

    Chap I stalk with in Scotland absolutely hates them and reckons he has anyone using one load their rifle in the slip before heading out onto the hill. He is a bit prone to exaggeration and I don't recall the one I used being too noisy.
    Help me out - Blaser or Sauer?

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    The two stalkers I've taken out with blasers where both noisey to shut the bolt compared to a turn bolt that was after climbing the seat and reloading in a large wood with the ker Ching echoing for all to hear ....! What's the merkal helix like in comparison ?

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    Used a blaser for years never had any problems with noise off the bolt

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb7x57 View Post
    Used a blaser for years never had any problems with noise off the bolt

    The Blaser safety mechanism leads me to question whether it's actually necessary to unload before climbing into a high seat. I still do, and I've never noticed that I've shot fewer deer because of the sound of closing the bolt.

    Some people are just against them, not for reasons of logic but for reasons of....well, who cares
    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    There's a lot of rubbish spouted about Blasers being clatterboxes,if you cycle any bolt quickly it will be noisey,a slow deliberate cycle on a Blaser isn't any louder than a conventional turn bolt in fact I would say mine is a lot quiteter than my old Sako that's for sure, just make sure you push the knob firmly home but it's all academic as you would be a fool not to hunt with one up the spout anyway.
    P.S I've had both sauer and blaser i wouldn't go back to sauer now,just prefer the blaser system and they just shoot so well.
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    It all depends how aggressively you close the bolt. With the R8 there are 2 pressures that you can feel on the bolt as it closes quietly, the first as it passes around 45 degrees and the second when it is fully closed in the downward position. Alternatively you can slam the bolt shut noisily and not feel these two distinct stages.

    atb Tim

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    Wholeheartedly agree with above four posts
    and would add R8 pro success thumb hole best rifle out there by far
    regards pete

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    Every hunter using a R93 I met in Germany told me to close the bolt very fast and hard...just to make sure it is actually properly closed. I had the feeling none of them would have handed their blasers to their kids to use.
    Of course they are much noisier than a turn bolt... it's the design and fear it might not close properly. Can't speak for a R8, never used one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roedinator View Post
    Wholeheartedly agree with above four posts
    and would add R8 pro success thumb hole best rifle out there by far
    regards pete
    I would second that Pete,if you liked the pro stecad i would recommend you have a hold of a success you may be pleasantly surprised, they really handle well.

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    Stecad, I see your down at Truro if you want to have a try of my success your'e more than welcome, I'm not far from Looe.

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