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Thread: Overwrapping machine

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    Overwrapping machine

    I am thinking of purchasing an overwrapping machine to improve the appearance of the venison I am selling.

    I have had a look on flea bay but was wondering if anyone could recommend me or post a link to any suppliers that sell them.

    Id rather only spend about 100 however I realise I may need to pay about 150



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    I've just picked up a little vacuum wrapper from Lakeland. I know it's not on the same par as a commercial wrapper but for less than forty quid it's just the job for a few pheasant or pigeon breasts and smaller joints of venison. Improves the appearance no end.

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    please don't take this the wrong way, i hav a vac pac that cost about 50 and one that cost just over 100 but they hav nothing on the over wrapper i hav
    from speed and cost of wrap to bags is a big difference when doing several deer a night or week
    David my only comments are buy the biggest wrapper you can as it is well worth it, as the rolls of wrap come in different sizes
    and getting one that is too small is about as much use as a chocolate tea-pot
    i will PM you details of the over wrapper i hav but won't be till monday/tuesday

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    Stone - as I said, I know the Lakeland one isn't on par with a decent over wrapper but it depends on quantities and frequency of use. Most of our deer go through the dealers but my little mickey mouse toy has greatly improved the presentation of the small quantity passed to friends/family

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    i can see what you are saying , as i hav been in that situ myself
    and in all honesty if i want to keep stuff for that little while longer then i do get out the vac-pac, still got stuff that is over 8 years old vac-packed and still very edible
    but once you hav expereinced an over wrapper
    you will never look back , but you do hav a faster turn over in the freezer

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    for through put the over wrapper is marginally quicker, cost is comparable with the vac pac in terms of bag versus film & tray.
    Down side to the over wrap is display time, the vacpac will give you better results and you will be able to display for longer periods.
    The other downside to the over wrap is the film, all the film we have tried is susceptible to freezing over extended periods(it disintegrates).

    For professional results the vacpac is the way to go,or shrink wrap(hot water immersion).
    Unfortunately Vac Packers are quite expensive, we threw away an over wrapper last season, they are cheap if you can find one...


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    Keep an eye out for food business auctions.

    Overwrappers fetch next to nothing due the the poor shelf life of the product.

    Gas flushed then heat sealed trays are the cutting edge but sadly cost big bucks too.

    Try a Fresh Pack vac packer from ebay you wont be disappointed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Storm View Post
    Try a Fresh Pack vac packer from ebay you wont be disappointed.
    Or try going straight to their own site where they sell them direct with no paypal fees etc and they are often cheaper!

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    Cheers Stone, I look forward to seeing it.
    I was thinking about the vacpac but ill be honest I worked out it was going to cost me a lot more to package the item. I realised I would need a good one with a moisture catch and the embossed bags worked out about 13pence each.
    With the overwrap I can butcher the deer and deliver it to my customers in a cool box and they can either freeze it or eat it fresh depending on what they wish

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