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    Thumbs up Greenfields of Salisbury

    Again, received excellent service so thought worth a mention on here. Sadly, good service these days is remarkable enough to prompt these threads!

    Ordered a used Varberger 7x57 - unseen, so relying on honest and accurate description. Emailed clarifications etc - promptly dealt with before purchase.

    Arrived exactly as described, great service, speedy delivery and good price.

    My only issue is that I paid 300 more for a used Sako 75 and now I've seen and shot the Varberger, the Sako may not get many outings. Smitten with it.

    These guys were excellent. Would thoroughly recommend.

    (other than as a customer, I have no link to them)

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    I can only echo JS's comments. I bought a rifle from Greenfields three years ago and they were extremely helpful. They had two secondhand examples in stock of the rifle I was after and didn't mind me taking ages to thoroughly inspect both and ponder which one I wanted.

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    There is another thread on here that is almost a mile long singing the praises of Greenfields and that is since Matt took over as Chief Saleman !!
    Mind you I have had good service from all of them over the last few years.
    I have kept 'reasonably' quiet because I wasn't sure whether it was just me getting preferential treatment

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    I bought a rifle from them today, good service and a good couple of hundred quid cheaper than anywhere else, just wish they closer.

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