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Thread: Film 18: The Westland Mist Stag

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    Film 18: The Westland Mist Stag

    From New Zealand - a hunt from this week

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    Missing the hills big time...........worse now !

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    Quote Originally Posted by PATHnz View Post
    From New Zealand - a hunt from this week

    very good . what do you do with the carcass

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    Awesome video thanks for posting
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    Quote Originally Posted by toad View Post
    very good . what do you do with the carcass

    What meat is practical to carry is taken, the rest is left. There's no legal obligation to recover all meat, and deer are legally introduced pests.

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    9.5 hours walk ! Not one for the gentleman stalker, methinks!

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    What, gentlemen can't walk?

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    Bro, that was fantastic. Loving your films - nicely done

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    Well done nice stag and a cracking place to be out stalking
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    Great video, I have to ask what became of the carcass ?

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