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Thread: Sponsored Ofqual registered EFAW +F First Aid Couse 1 Day

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    Sponsored Ofqual registered EFAW +F First Aid Couse 1 Day

    Sponsored EFAW + F Ofqual register First Aid Course with East D&G DMG
    Sunday 17th May Details Below Only 70 per person. Click on the link to download your booking form:

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    Hi Paul..

    Can you clarify as we do a three day course for our first aid at work with a yearly 1 day refresher..

    Cheers Terry
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    completed form and cheque is in the post!



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    Hi Terry, as it says really. It's a 1 day course by an Ofqual registered provider on our behalf to provide training including the EFAW +F certification that meets current standards right across the board for stalkers on Forestry Company leases. The certification lasts 3 years which is the standard for this level of certificate.

    I know a lot of companies set high standards for first aid especially in higher risk jobs so more in depth courses with more regular refreshers keep everyone really sharp and clued up. We're not looking at that level of training but a more practical fit for purpose course that gives people what they need at the right price. Hope that helps

    Cheers Al by the way!

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    That's a very good deal Paul.

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    Hi Paul

    Do you have many spaces left on this ?

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    Hi, yes there is still space for one or two more, cheers

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    "Can you clarify as we do a three day course for our first aid at work with a yearly 1 day refresher.."

    The 3 day course is the full First Aid at Work course, but Emergency First Aid at Work is only a day long so I assume that will be the course being run - hope that helps

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    At the moment we have 3 places left, don't put it off as other courses for this certification are twice the price

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    Paul, stick me down for a place, none of my current qualifications have the required+F

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