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Thread: kinder suprise plastic capsules

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    kinder suprise plastic capsules

    these perfectly hold one pair of latex gloves, protects them quite well when they in your pocket. A friend who is a police officer reliably informs me that dealers put their stash in them and hide it up their chocolate tea towel holder.
    if your a drug dealer come deer stalker you best remember which one is which or you might contaminate your carcass.

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    Hmmm is this the famed Pete Evans of Oxford I wonder , friend of the Kinder Egg shaped Scots bloke??..PD??


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    hello fella, next time i see you i will give you some of these capsules, my daughter loves the eggs. I've only used them once.......................but what for?

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    I guess it is but who am I ha ha

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    Ahh it you, just saw your mug shot on your previous post, the skull mount looked better...ha ha!
    Hows you fella, Ive not been out for ages now as only just got 6.5 heads...a mare to find them! so loaded up lots today.


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    went up dicks (that place you went with all the foxes) a few weeks ago and got couple of roe and a muntie from the high seat you were up. saw good few bucks on another bit so me and pd going up on mon morn to try to catch up with one or two.

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    Sorry for late reply, was at work and just got back off a short night shift, yes I remember the place hope the weather clear for you monday as its been dire down here , dont know about where you are, have you seen Fallow at Dicks since I was there with you, ive still yet to see one anywhere myself lol.

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