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Thread: GMP and "Extra Checks"

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    GMP and "Extra Checks"

    Heard this morning that it is now taking much longer at GMP for a FAC renewal or application as they are doing "much deeper" background checks and I have two clear examples of this to confirm it in my mind. (Won't be sharing those as it would certainly identify the individuals).
    Anyone else heard anything? Just fear that we might head back to the "Bad old Days" of needing FOUR permissions before they would give you a rimmy.

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    Hello Northwest, I have heard of these extra checks at my local club however I am currently waiting now 7 weeks+ for a 1 for 1 variation not
    asked for anything extreme like a 50 cal rifle or a 300 win mag for deer stalking & boar

    I was told by another club member they had waited 5 weeks for their 1 for 1 and their referees they put down had been contacted

    Surprised no one has put anything up yet havent seen anything or posts on other uk shooting sites.

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    Referees for a one for one variation????


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    Yep fellow club member said his referee's had been called up to check things out that cant remember exacts of what he said they asked

    I spoke to my mate who's one of my referees he's not been contacted yet and my other friend hasnt.

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    although speaking with an rfd earlier cumbria's currently 3 months for variation wait apparently

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    You wouldnt need referees for a 1 4 1,but anythings possible with our lot, i do wish they would wake up and smell the coffee,!they are that used to doing it wrong they think its the norm,i have lost all faith in them totally,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deerstalker6 View Post
    although speaking with an rfd earlier cumbria's currently 3 months for variation wait apparently
    I am quite surprised if that is true
    Cumbria police are normally quick at variations all mine have being between 3-7 days Inc posting.
    mind you not had to do one this year yet.

    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    Well from all what I have heard they are changing the way they do things what that means for the future I dont know for those under gmp like me, but nearly 8 weeks good thing I have enough ammo to last

    I hope they dont go the way of durham specifying actions on slots/calibers you put down or doctors medical form etc

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    yeah when the guy said yeah it was one for one for same rifle under warranty and they contacted both my referee's I was like why??

    surely if you have cleared pnc or had your fac for number of years and havent been in trouble or been arrested etc whats the need in contacting your referee's on a 1f1?,

    sure if your medical history changed eg vertigo or you've been on anti depressants or police come to your house for domestic could understand then.

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    Sounds like "Enthusiastic" for enthusiasm's sake. Trying to impress somebody methinks.
    It's not funny though, why rock the boat? By and large the shooters that came under GMP were a pretty happy lot so why go out of your way to alienate them?

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