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Thread: Why do we have to renew SGC & FAC?

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    Why do we have to renew SGC & FAC?

    I was reading the parliamentary paper about how much more it costs the police (i.e. the tax payer) for them to process SGC & FAC grants, variations & renewals then we the applicant pay with our fee. Having just got my SGC & FAC after 4 months due to the police being over worked with renewals and too under staffed to cope, it suddenly came to me.

    If I broke the law the police would come and take my guns away

    If my mental state was of concern my doctor (who is notified by the police that I have guns) would call the police and they would take my guns away.

    so why do I have to pay for the privilege for them to waste time and money to come around to my house every 5 years to drink my tea & eat my biscuits?

    I have been approved to possess shotguns & firearms so why not leave it at that until they have been notified that I am no longer fit to do so?

    They can get on with variations and grants and to me that makes sense!

    If anyone has any thoughts on this matter please comment as I want opinions as long as they are not stupid or offensive.

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    So you lose all your permissions but still have a cabinet full of guns,and nowhere to use them, where is your good reason to posess?
    Don't get me wrong, I kind of agree with you, but I can see why the rules are the rules, if I we're going to free up police time I'd say change the system so that grant of a license means you can buy any rifle and any quantity, no need for variations and wasted time that way...... After all if your safe to own a .308 why not be allowed to own a .243 or .22 250 etc....
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    I do agree with what you say if you do wrong they will come

    I've just put in my renewal for my SGC I know it'll take 3 months ish befour I see my licence again like you say why do they take so long

    I'm an FAC holder with multiple calibre rifles with no problems I don't see any reason why they just can't renew a SGC automatically with no bother if your a FAC holder ( like the banks do with your bank card )

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    Deerstalker .308 I agree with the calibre thing. As for the permission though, so what if you do lose your permissions, do like I do and pay an estate to stalk? you don't have to prove good reason or permission for a shotgun, you don't even have to fire a single cartridge but its the same thing every 5 years and I think its pointless. A random spot-check would be more helpful to catch people who leave their guns & ammo around the house instead of locking them away & stuff.

    I don't know why you are even limited and monitored with how many rounds you can have, or why you have to have them on your FAC but not your SGC, or why you can only have one rifle of the same calibre?

    Why not have a cert saying "this person has been deemed trustworthy & not a hazard to the public & until proven or medically advised otherwise can legally possess firearms" It would make life a lot simpler?
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    Accepting that you do have to renew certificates (not convinced, but...), then if the burden is too great for those tasked with the enquiries and admin, I see no good reason why it shouldn't be every 10 years. That's what most other things are.

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    Why is it that the Police have the responsibility to run the system? Their job is to maintain law and order and catch and/or deter lawbreakers.

    They do not run the DVLA.

    They do not issue licenses to practise medicine.

    They do not license the military to bear arms.

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    Cause the feckin idiots in westminster think that the people will rise up against them and all the law abiding Fac and Sgc holders will go with the flo and join them......... as said feckin idiots.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greymaster View Post
    Why is it that the Police have the responsibility to run the system? Their job is to maintain law and order and catch and/or deter lawbreakers.
    Quite right. This fact -that the police are responsible for administering firearms licensing- does nothing good for the public perception of shooting sports and livelihoods. IMO a move to a civilian agency would be a step in the right direction of normalising (and "de-criminalising") the perception of legitimate firearms users in society.
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    becasue the law was written in 1964 and is now out of date in a modern world cannot be changed without a change in law

    no harm i think in having a check every 5yrs (or whatever) but no need for it to expire and need a full reapplication and check on everything again as a new licence

    police do it now as they need ot check Data bases only police personnal are allowed to one only an SIB officer can check as normal plod and Civilial FLO FEO are not allowed access to etc still shouldnt take long to run 4 data base searches and ring your permission plus a 1hr visit tho if they where on a modern compuer system not a folder and paper based one From Inspector Gentleys era

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    It used to be every 3 years then at a stroke of a pen it became 5 years so why not 10 years? The sun still came up in the morning, life carried on.... I certainly think that if nothing has changed then just return the ticket endorsed for another term upon renewal.

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