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Thread: First buck and the quickest

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    First buck and the quickest

    Finally managed to get out this afternoon for the first time since the bucks season started.

    And from leaving the truck to pulling the trigger I think it took all of 8 minutes, and the shot was only 50 feet or so in open forestry.

    Luck seems to be with me at the moment, I hope it holds.
    Pity the buck had a broken tine otherwise he would have had quite a nice head. Anyone else been as lucky ?

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    I didnt go out on the 1st weather was so bad, weather on the 2nd was dry but with a raw easterly,managed to stalk into some roe but didnt end up with anything.Today weather was very litlle wind and quit warm this afternoon managed to shoot 2 cull bucks still in velvet but least its a start to the season.

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    Well, I can't compete with your 8 minutes, I had to put in two stalks to get my first buck this year and that took me just short of an hour. Last year though my first buck was in a similar time frame to yours. I pulled in to the farm's drive and could see two roe on the top field. The keeper had told me that there was a good buck regularly being seen there, so rather than stop in the farm yard as I usually would I drove straight through and round to the opposite end of the wood to that at which I'd seen the two roe.
    I pulled up, got out of the car walked carefully up the wood line so I could look round the corner of the wood and they were still there about 40m from where I was stood. Rifle on sticks, trigger pulled, buck down. Trophy roe buck. Done. (Sorry about the Gordon Ramsey impression). The whole process can't have taken longer than 10 minutes.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    well it took me a little longer than that but it nearly did'nt. as i pulled in the farm through the first gate there was 3 deer standing 150 yards just looking at me i have seen a nice buck with them time and time again but as you all know its april now and they seem to know that so no sign of him. i did spot a buck 2 fields away so stalked on to him when i got there i saw 8 deer out feeding luck was with me that morning and i got a young one. just looking forward to the rest of the season now

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